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The Rise Of Tesla & Autonomous Cars

With Dubai investing in 200 Tesla vehicles to use as taxis, are we now seeing electric and autonomous cars take over?

Pistonheads Sunday Service

We headed to Banbury for the first Sunday Service of 2017.

Donington Historic Festival 2017 Timetable Confirmed

Taking place at the iconic Derbyshire circuit on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April, the timetable sets out the exhilarating racing taking place across the long weekend.

Where to buy a new Honda NSX!

Lucky enough to have enough in the bank to buy a new NSX? There's only two dealers you can go to!

Autosport International 2017 Top 5

We round up our top 5 cars from the 2017 Autosport Show

New 740hp Lamborghini Aventador S

Check out the latest Lambo, the 740hp Aventador S!

Top 5 Auto YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To!

We've rounded up our 5 favourite YouTubers who we believe will smash 2017!

Keeping Safe On The Road This Winter

Holts Auto sent us this nice little winter emergency car kit to keep us safe over winter.

Car Enthusiast Christmas Gift Guide!

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Collection Of Cosworth RS500's To Headline Performance Car Show

Good news for Classic Ford fans! A rare collection of RS500's will be on display at the NEC Performance Car Show

Lotus Exige Sport 380

Lotus release their latest model in the Exige line and it looks impressive.

NextEV Launches NIO Brand and World’s Fastest Electric Car

NIO EP9 has beaten the fastest Nürburgring Nordschliefe EV lap time, achieving 7mins 5.12s

McLaren Confirm BP23

McLaren to create F1 inspired 3 seater Hyper-GT car.

Manga-inspired GT86

Toyota Creates Manga-inspired GT86 Initial D Concept

LaFerrari Tug Of War

LaFerrari Tug Of War is one of the coolest things we've seen this week..

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Today we shot Hugo's Civic Jordan #467

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A week in the Isle of Wight with a Focus RS

Ford In The Park

Our coverage from Ford In The Park 2015

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Pistonheads Sunday Service – Prodrive

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So this weekend we headed to the first Pistonheads Sunday Service meet of the year. This months event was at the Prodrive factory in Banbury. Prodrive kindly opened up the factory and let everyone take a wonder around and see whats what.

CaptureBeing a breakfast meet it was an early start to the day to meet up with a group in Birmingham for a convoy over to the event. After the cars gathered at the convoy meet location I was pleasently suprised to be in convoy with multiple Aston Martins, Mclarens, Nissan GTR’s, a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and about 10 other cars!

Arriving at the event there was a 20 minute queue of cars waiting to get in and get parked up, no bother at all, it was probably one of the most expensive traffic jams to be sat in!


There was a whole host of cars at the event from Fiesta ST’s to our highlight of the show, a Ferrari F12 TDF, and everything in between! This trio of Porsche’s took our fancy, too!


Overall, the show was an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning, and we definitely hope to get to some more events throughout the year. If you want to see what else was there, then take a look at our video of the event below!


The Rise Of Tesla & Autonomous Cars

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With the recent news of Dubai ordering 200 Tesla Model X & S models for use as limousines and taxis, it got us thinking. Is this the start of the Electric car takeover? And how long will it be before Autonomous cars become the norm in every day life?

The reason that Dubai investing in 200 Tesla cars is so important, is that Dubai and the UAE is the home of oil. It’s one of the biggest oil markets in the world, so why buy so many electric cars when oil and fuel is so readily available?

Tesla is one of the most innovative manufacturers around at the minute, producing electric vehicles with supercar performance, a far cry from the Nissan Leaf!

With Tesla’s autopilot feature enabling people to drive without even looking at where they are going, they’re making huge ground in autonomous driving and we do wonder how long it will be before everyday manufacturers begin to roll out autonomous cars and what this means for the car industry moving forward.


You can see the projected launch dates of autonomous vehicles above, as you can see, in the UK alone, the production of L3 autonomous vehicles are assumed to reach a peak of 88% by 2028. That is a lot of autonomous cars on our roads! You can also check out this cool infographic to find out much more about autonomous vehicles.

What do you think about the advancements in autonomous vehicles? Is it something you’re looking forward to? Personally we think it’s great for those boring motorway journeys and commutes, but nothing will beat those Sunday morning B road hoons!

donnington historic 2

Donington Historic Festival 2017 Timetable Confirmed

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More exciting changes to Donington Historic Festival have been announced with the release of this year’s confirmed timetable. Taking place at the iconic Derbyshire circuit on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April, the timetable sets out the exhilarating racing taking place across the long weekend.

A big change to the 2017 format will be to qualifying, which will now be taking place on the Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday packed full of racing action. This will make Friday a veritable feast as every grid competing at the event thunders around the circuit to secure the best qualifying time. Saturday and Sunday will then contain a mix of grids from the 1920s to the 1990s, providing a packed timetable of non-stop racing with 19 races in total.

Featuring a ‘1,000km’ pre-73 Prototype, Touring and GT car race on Saturday evening and the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy for pre-56 sportscars on the Sunday both days contain world class racing.

Richard Grafton, organiser for Donington Historic Festival, commented: “We work hard to assemble the best racing in this period. Our grids are exciting and contain the finest cars and drivers in these disciplines.

“Donington Park is a circuit that both drivers and spectators love and bringing these elements together is what makes Donington Historic Festival such a great event. Coupled with the ‘get involved’ attractions such as Paul Swift stunt driving, Caterham drifting and supercar and rally car passenger rides, it’s a unique day out for all the family.”

The provisional timetable is as follows:

Friday 28th April (Qualifying Day)

09:10  Mad Jack – Pre-War Sports Cars

09:45  HSCC Historic Formula 2 FIA International Race Series

10:20  Historic Touring Car Challenge (HTCC) with Tony Dron Trophy

11:00  U2TC Trophy for pre-66 under two-litre Touring Cars

11:40  Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-61 sportscars

12:20  1,000km for pre-73 Prototype, Touring and GT cars

12:50  Lunch Break / Parades

13:50  Jaguar Classic Challenge for pre-66 Jaguar cars

14:25  HRDC ‘Touring Greats’ for pre-60 Touring Cars with invited ‘TC63’

15:00  Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy for pre-56 sportscars

15:40  HSCC Super Touring Car Challenge for 1970-2000 Touring Cars

16:10  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-61 Front-Engined Formula Juniors

16:40  GT & Sports Car Cup for pre-66 GT & pre-63 sportscars

17:30  HRDC ‘Coys Trophy’ for pre-66 Touring Cars

18:05  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-64 Front and Rear-Engined Formula Juniors

Saturday 29th April

09:10  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-61 Front-Engined Formula Juniors – Race 1

09:45  HSCC Super Touring Car Challenge for 1970-2000 Touring Cars – Race 1

10:20  Mad Jack – Pre-War Sports Cars

11:15  U2TC Trophy for pre-66 under two-litre Touring Cars – Race 1

12:10  HSCC Historic Formula 2 FIA International Race Series – Race 1

12:35  Lunch Break / Parades

13:35  Historic Touring Car Challenge (HTCC) with Tony Dron Trophy

14:50  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-64 Front and Rear-Engined Formula Juniors – Race 1

15:25  Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-61 sportscars

16:40  HRDC ‘Touring Greats’ for pre-60 Touring Cars with invited ‘TC63’

17:40  1,000km for pre-73 Prototype, Touring and GT cars

Sunday 30th April

09:10  GT & Sports Car Cup for pre-66 GT & pre-63 sportscars

11:25  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-61 Front-Engined Formula Juniors – Race 2

12:00  Jaguar Classic Challenge for pre-66 Jaguar cars

12:40  Lunch Break / Parades

13:40  U2TC Trophy for pre-66 under two-litre Touring Cars – Race 2

14:35  HSCC Historic Formula 2 FIA International Race Series  – Race 2

15:15  Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy for pre-56 sportscars

16:30  HSCC Super Touring Car Challenge for 1970-2000 Touring Cars – Race 2

17:05  HRDC ‘Coys Trophy’ for pre-66 Touring Cars

18:05  FJHRA/HSCC ‘Silverline’ Championship for pre-64 Front and Rear-Engined Formula Juniors – Race 2

Advance discounted tickets start from £16 for a Friday pass, up to £48 for a three-day package that will give access to all the weekend’s racing and a massive range of attractions.

These include more than 80 car clubs on the Donington Park infield and a trade village where visitors can browse aisles of books, photos, models and automobilia. The ‘get involved’ activities will also include Go Motorsport, who will be taking visitors through their paces on the Tarmac Lake introducing aspiring drivers to competitive motorsport plus the Sporting Bears Motor Club, who will be running passenger rides in luxurious supercars and classic cars, for a donation to charity.

Tickets are available now online, visit: http://www.doningtonhistoric.com/.

The full timetable is available to view at: http://www.doningtonhistoric.com/the-races/.

autosport 3

Autosport International Top 5

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It’s been about 4 weeks since we attending Autosport International 2017 show over at the NEC, and we’re still thinking about some of the awesome machines we saw on display. We’ve finally managed to whittle our favourite cars into our top 5. So here goes!

1) Oakley Design Bugatti Veyron

autosport 3Obviously our first choice has to be the Oakley Design Bugatti Veyron. Seeing a Bugatti of any sort is special, but this thing was absolutely stunning and drew the crowds all day!

2. Shmee150’s Aston Martin GT8

autosport 4Second up is Shmee’s brand new Aston Martin GT8. Being a relatively new car we’d never got the chance to see one up close yet, and the details that go into the GT8 are absolutely incredible. If we had the cash, this would definitely be a contender for our garage! We could imagine this having a huge presence on the road!

3. TrackAddict Nissan Silvia PS13

autosport 2In third comes this absolutely stunning Nissan Silvia PS13 from the Track Addict stand. This particular car is local to us and as huge fans of anything Jap we’re hoping to get this car featured on our channel in the summer! This car pretty much stole the show, getting attention from plenty of photographers and YouTubers.

4. Porsche 718 Cayman S

autosport 1At UK Car Scene, we’re massive fans of Porsche. And this latest Cayman is a bold change from previous models in a striking Miami Blue. If you want the best of both worlds then the Cayman S is probably your best shout. Comfortable cruiser and perfect for those twisty B roads or European road trips!

5. Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador

autosport 5Last but not least, we have the Liberty Walk Aventador. There’s not many words we can use to describe this, it’s incredibly marmite, you either love the Liberty Walk look, or you hate it. We absolutely LOVE it!








nsx white

Where to buy a new Honda NSX!

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If you’re one of those lucky people with enough in the bank to consider getting a brand new Honda NSX, then your options of where to place your order in the UK is pretty limited. There was only one showroom in the UK accepting orders for the new NSX. Now however, Honda UK has appointed Chiswick Honda as its second approved NSX dealer.

Chiswick Honda will join Crown Honda Hendon as NSX supplier and aftercare specialist from April 2017, giving additional capacity to ensure an exceptional sales and aftersales customer experience.

The NSX is the epitome of Honda engineering innovations. Developed over years of testing and racing, the NSX blends the pinnacle of sports performance with everyday driving comfort. A powerful sports hybrid, the new NSX uses a twin-turbo hybrid drive train, while utilising a hand-built, twin-turbocharged, 3.5-litre, V6 petrol engine – mid-mounted to the aluminium chassis. It produces more than 550bhp, distributed via all four wheels, and features a brand new, nine-speed, Dual Clutch Transmission for instant response. Additional power is added via a rear electric motor and twin mounted electric units at the front.

Honda NSX aftercare services include a dedicated dealer point of contact, access to factory-trained technical specialists deployed within 24 hours, European Roadside Assistance (including accommodation if required) and a three-year or 100,000km warranty. Chiswick Honda managing director, David Grainger, said: “It is a privilege to become one of only two NSX dealerships in the UK. The NSX is a very special vehicle; it is a different kind of super car, providing the highest level of driving experience, with an aftercare programme that goes beyond the norm.”

Tim Dibbs, managing director at Crown Honda, added: “These are exciting times for Crown Honda and the whole dealership is buzzing to be able to sell these supercars. Media response has been fantastic; the car is a real head turner and we are delighted to have it in our showroom.”

For further information on the NSX, please visit:
To find out more regarding NSX orders and test drives, please contact:
Crown Honda Hendon via www.crownhonda.co.uk or 020 8200 4040.
Chiswick Honda via www.chiswickhonda.com or 0208 226 3300.

Autosport International Show 2017

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So last weekend we headed to the NEC for the start of season show Autosport Interantional. As usual there was plenty on show from supercars to touring cars, F1 cars to oval racing and everything inbetween.

We put together a little video of some of what you could see on the day. Admittedly it’s a little rushed and we didn’t have time to do a full vlog so here’s our highlight video!


Top 5 Auto YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To In 2017

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With video content becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years there are more and more vloggers appearing on YouTube. We’ve rounded up our 5 favourite YouTubers you need to subscribe to in 2017. They aren’t exactly new vloggers, but if you aren’t already subscribed then you are seriously missing out!

1) Mr JWW

You might already be familiar with Mr JWW if you watch supercar vloggers. Mr JWW started regularly vlogging his adventures over the last year and is increasing in popularity. We’ve absolutely loved following him over the last year, and Mr JWW really focuses on scenic shots and beautiful content, using the mountain backdrops of his regular road trips to create some aboslutely stunning videos. Which is displayed in one of our favourite videos of his, here. 2017 looks to be the year Mr JWW gains a huge following on top of the 150,000 subscribers he already has.

Subscribe To Mr JWW on YouTube


For those in to their Jap cars, MONKY LONDON is an absolute must! “John” does a lot of reviews of drift cars and high powered JDM stuff on the roads of Mexico(?) and you can also follow his drift sessions. Take a look at his Christmas 100k subscriber video here.

Subscribe to MONKY LONDON on YouTube

3. Seen Through Glass

Another supercar vlogger to subscribe to is Seen Through Glass. Much like Mr JWW, Seen Through Glass has developed his own shooting style which really paints cars in a different light to most other vloggers, focusing on the visuals rather than just the driving. He’s also just bought a McLaren 540c, so there is no doubt going to be some awesome content to look forward to in 2017! Check out one of our favourite videos below.

Subscribe To Seen Through Glass on YouTube


Though not strictly ‘vloggers’, ILOVEBASS put out some seriously awesome content. Mainly covering shows, road trips to shows and again, are all about quality. They also shoot most of their stuff in 4k too making it look even more impressive! Check out one of their recent videos from their adventure on the Rico Rally to see what we mean.

Subscribe To ILOVEBASS on YouTube

5. Status Error

Last but by no means least we have Status Error. Gianni & Dan have only just recently set up their channel, so their is not a huge amount of content yet, however, if their brand of clothing and car bits n bobs is anything to go by then its definitely a YouTube channel you’d want to subscribe to for when they do start producing more content! Check out one of their reviews below!

Subscribe to Status Error on YouTube

As we said, they aren’t all necessarily new to YouTube, any many of you will already be subscribed to them, however these are currently our favourites, and we’re sure they will bang out some awesome content over the next 12 months!


New 740hp Lamborghini Aventador S

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Today Lamborghini have announced their latest facelift Aventador. The Aventador S. Boasting a more powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine outputting 740 hp the ‘S’ is capable of 0-100kmh in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/h which is a little under 220mph!

This latest version of the Aventador has been built and designed with a focus on aero dynamics. The Aventador S features a number of exterior developments, particularly in front and rear, while its profile remains clearly an Aventador. Every modified component is redesigned for a purpose, achieving maximum aerodynamic efficiency while accenting the Aventador’s complex, muscular dynamism.

The first models off the production line are due for a Spring 2017 delivery and have a starting price of £225,000, so no, we wont be getting one! But one can hope Lamborghini sees this little blog and lets us have a drive!


Staying Safe On The Road With Holts Auto

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With winter now upon us it’s important to make sure your car is in good condition and you’ve prepared for any emergency that might happen. We were contacted by the guys over at Holts Auto who have kindly provided us with 1 of 50 winter emergency car kits they’ve put together.

It contains most things you’d need to keep you safe should you break down in winter and are away from any immediate help. It’s a great idea they’ve come up with and it all comes in a handy toolbox which can be left in the boot or behind the seat.

The kit consists of the following:

  • De-Icer
  • Holts Tyreweld
  • Aircon Odour Bomb
  • Intensive Cleaning Screen Wash
  • Glass Cleaning Wipes
  • Emergency Foil Blanket
  • First Aid Kit

So should anything go wrong over winter you’re pretty much covered with this kit and it’s definitely something we’ll be keeping in the boot whilst on our travels over the winter.

You can check out these products and more on the Holts Auto website here. What do you make of the kit? Would you buy one to keep in your / your families car over the winter?



Collection Of Ford RS500 Cosworths Headlining At The Performance Car Show

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The Performance Car Show will play host to a very special display as the Ford RS Owners Club confirms it’ll bring a rarefied collection of road-going and race Sierra RS500 Cosworths to mark the iconic performance car’s 30th anniversary.

Petrolheads attending the Performance Car Show will have the unique opportunity tosee up to 14 of these cars together on one stand in Hall 19 at the NEC in Birmingham, with the first two cars already confirmed.

The first car confirmed is Chassis DJR1, the Andy Lloyd-owned RS500 that raced in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) and Bathurst 1000 enduros in the 1987 and 1988 seasons with Dick Johnson behind the wheel. Visitors to the show won’t miss it as it is finished in the bright red Shell Ultra Hi livery.

Also confirmed is the stunning Mobil-liveried RS500 (chassis AREKAL 0288), which raced in the 1988 season of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). With driver Andy Rouse behind the wheel, the car dominated the series that year, winning nine of 12 races and securing 10 pole positions in the process.

2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Goodwood Estate, West Sussex. 7th - 9th July 2006. Andy Lloyd, Ford Sierra RS500. World Copyright: Gary Hawkins/LAT Photographic. ref: Digital Image Only.

2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Goodwood Estate, West Sussex. 7th – 9th July 2006.
Andy Lloyd, Ford Sierra RS500.
World Copyright: Gary Hawkins/LAT Photographic.
ref: Digital Image Only.

For the 1989 season, the Rupert Kent-owned car went to race down under in the ATCC, Sandown 500 and Bathurst 1000 enduros…along with a livery makeover thanks to title sponsors Mobil at the start of that season.

The 30th anniversary celebrations continue, as fans will have the chance to see the first ever RS500 to compete in DTM. This special RS500 is owned by Paul Linfoot and finished second in the DTM Championship during the 1987 season with Manuel Reuter behind the wheel. It competed for a further two seasons after that with Volker Weidler and Pierre Dieudonné taking the wheel for this car’s final season in DTM in 1989 with the iconic black and red Texaco livery.

Alongside this car is another racing icon with the 1988 BTCC RS500 driven by Laurence Bristow finished in the Rouse CAM Shipping livery. Andy Rouse Engineering built this stunning machine for the ’88 season and it also contested all rounds of the Japanese Touring Car Championship in 1990.

The Sierra RS500 Cosworth was first announced back in July 1987 and homologated in August of the same year. To satisfy the homologation requirements for Group A Touring Car racing, 500 road-going RS500s were produced – all in RHD exclusively for the UK market.

Evolution modifications were not limited to the engine. A new aero package introduced a new front bumper and splitter to increase both downforce and cooling and the tailgate had an additional lower spoiler and a Gurney strip added to the ubiquitous “whale tail”. Suspension pick-up points were also changed amongst a plethora of other changes to improve on-track performance.
The RS500 went on to become one of the most successful Group A touring cars of all time, dominating events wherever they were raced. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the racing debut of the RS500 and all these years on, it is still very fondly remembered by drivers and spectators alike as one of the most entertaining and iconic touring cars ever to grace the circuits of the world.

To this day, the RS500 holds the record for the most consecutive wins in the BTCC –40 in a row. For more information on this unmistakable performance car, visit www.rs500owners.com.

Get your tickets to the Performance Car Show at by visiting the website at www.performancecarshow.com today.