3 Fun Cars You Could Lease For £15 A Day

Car leasing is not the most popular of choices when it comes to car enthusiasts, but for those who like a new car every year or two and tend to want to avoid risking a huge loss because of depreciation leasing offers many benefits. You might even end up SAVING money by not actually owning the car. So it got us thinking, what cool and interesting cars could you afford for £15 a day?
If we take a look at Vantage Leasing for example, they have a huge range of cars available to lease. For this test we are going to take a two year lease, take the initial rental cost and the monthly payments and divide the total cost by the amount of days in two years (730 if we’re not mistaken). So, lets see what we can find.

1. VW Golf GTIgolfgti

Choice 1 for us is a Golf GTI. A decent amount of power and fairly good fuel economy and striking looks is enough temptation for us. And a two year lease on this would cost you an average of £14.99 a day. Take some sandwiches work a couple of days a week and have a night in every other weekend and you’ll be saving enough to pay for it!

2. Focus ST2014-ford-focus-st-001

If you can stretch your budget by 30p a day, you could take home a new Focus ST. A two year lease on this would cost you around £15.32 a day and with just under 250 BHP you certainly wont be late to work!

3. Abarth 595160607_Abarth_595_13

Now if the Golf and Focus are a bit too big for getting around town then maybe you need the ultimate little pocket rocket. You can get a brand new Abarth 595 for just £11.55 a day on a two year lease! Not only is it a nippy little car but you wont have to worry about getting it in to those tiny city centre car parking spaces!
So, there we go. For £15 a day you can get some pretty cool cars if you choose to lease your next car. You can also find some cheap personal leases on the Vantage Leasing special offers page, we found a Mercedes A180 on a two year lease for just £10.66, which is unbelievable value if you’re looking for something that has a more luxurious feel to it.

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