A Morning With Car-Iconics

Since we went to the London Classic Car Show, we’ve been pretty ‘into’ our classic and specialised cars, so when we got speaking to the guys over at Car-Iconics during the show, they invited us to their showroom for the day, we couldn’t turn them down. So, Saturday morning we headed over to Oakham to meet up with Daniel from Car-Iconics to speak about the business and their current stock.

Car-Iconics is a specialist company providing sales, transportation and brokerage of iconics cars, who stock a range of exotic, classic and specialist vehicles from Ferrari 458’s to classic Mini’s and everything in between. Whilst Daniel was showing us around the vehicles they had in stock, it was clear that he is extremely passionate about what he does. He gave us so much information and background about every car that we couldn’t keep up! So, let’s take a look at some of the awesome machines that are in stock.

berlinetta boxer

Starting off with one of the classics that we came to see, we have the Ferrari 365 Berlinetta Boxer. This is one of 85 right hand drive vehicles, of which only 58 came to the UK. It also features it’s original ’16 BOX’ number plate too. This exact car even made the front cover of Autocar magazine in 1977



911 rsr


Next up is our personal favourite. The 1993 Porsche 911 RSR. This 3.8 litre RSR was built and raced by Peter Mamerow of Mamerow Engineering . It features magnesium split BBS Racing rims, and for those that didn’t know, the car actually won the Best Wheels award at Trax 2016! We even got a photo of it back then and didn’t realise it belonged to Car-Iconics!



Next up and moving onto something built in the last year, they have an awesome BMW M4 GTS with delivery miles. Arguably one of the rarer cars in the country at the minute with only around 30 UK RHD models and only 17 miles from new, it’s definitely one for the investors as it’s sure to go up in value. Featuring a 3-litre twin turbo engine it produces almost 500bhp. Oh, and the orange wheels look so much better in the flesh!




Last up, we have a Porsche 911 GT3 RS race car built by Porsche Motorsport for team Acemco and raced in the American Le Mans series. Having only raced for one championship the car is relatively unused, and for those that are interested, it actually came in 3rd so it’s definitely a proper racecar! You’ll struggle to get this on the road though, it’s still running slicks!

There was plenty more in the garage at Car-Iconics, which you can see below, but the above were some of our favourites from the day. We must say a massive thanks to Daniel for taking time out of his weekend to show us around the showroom and giving us the back story to every car they had for sale there! You can find the full photo album of the day over on our Facebook page.

If you want to find out any more information about the cars we’ve featured then head over to the Car-Iconics website, there’s also some way better photos of the cars, too!

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