Autobrite Direct: Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam review

With an increasing amount of car care products entering the market and a new reseller popping up every other week, you would be forgiven for being little confused when it comes to choosing which products to purchase. Every manufacturer and stockist spends a lot of time and effort convincing you that their products are far superior than the alternatives.

In this series of reviews, we will pitch some of your favourite products against each other in a bid to crown the UK Car Scene product of choice. First up this week is the Snow Foam Lance which delivers high foaming shaving cream pre wash to your pride and joy in a bid to encapsulate and loosen any dirt prior to completing your hand wash.

The Autobrite Direct Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance is no stranger to being put on a pedestal, with Autobrite describing their lance as being “probably the best foaming lance on the market today”. But can it live up to this claim? is it really Heavy Duty? We pitch their Italian made lance against it’s Chinese cousin priced similarly and just as popular.

Lance and Magifoam small


The Autobrite Direct Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance is currently on sale here priced at just £34.99 and includes 500ml of Autobrite’s Snow Foam offering: MagifoaAutobrite Snow Foam lancem.

The connector will be fitted to the lance via a stainless steel 40mm bar or a 20mm male nipple, which will give you an accurate fitment and will be secured with a non permanent thread lock for the extra tightness and “No Leak” fitting. The bottle that comes with the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance is made of quality HDPE that fits perfectly onto the underside body of the lance ensuring a tight and sturdy fitment when filled up with product. This particular bottle is very well made and is nice to hold.

Top tip: We’re based in Northern Ireland and when ordering through the Autobrite Direct website postage is automatically calculated to be £14.99. When ordering from the Autobrite Direct Amazon storefront, postage was £3.99 – consider this when ordering.

generic snow foam lanceThe generic Snow Foam Lance we tested this against is available on eBay, Amazon and at most trade stands you find at your local car show. We’ve seen it priced between £20 and £45 and have heard differing accounts about product quality. We’ve personally owned two of these lances from two different sellers that were of the same quality – pretty poor.

Top tip: Do your research and ask around on platforms such as Detailing World and the popular Facebook group Detailing Addicts as quality and price seems to differ greatly.

Pouring Magifoam in to Autobrite Direct LanceAfter making sure the Magifoam supplied by Autobrite was LSP safe it was time to mix up the product with warm water at the correct ratio. This step is crucial to making sure you don’t negatively effect any protection you may have on the car by not diluting the product enough.

Once you’ve discovered a mix ratio you are happy with, make sure to leave a little marking on your lance bottle so that you can mix up the same ratio time and time again. This will ensure you achieve consistency with the product you are using and if you are providing a valeting/detailing service to a customer: you know exactly how far a bottle will go.


Magifoam in Autobrite Direct Lance

Autobrite recommend somewhere between 1 and 2 inches of Magifoam in their Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance. We settled on just under 200ml which was just over 1 inch. This is a great example of why buying products in larger quantities, ideally by the gallon is important.

Magifoam has a light banana scent – very pleasant to work with and will have the neighbours craving milkshakes all day. This foam also advertised as being capable of dwelling for over 30 minutes and we don’t doubt it. We left it on a car protected with Fusso Coat and a car with no protection and both performed very well. 20 minutes in and the car with no protection still looked like it had spent the night in a Siberian snow drift.

Applying Snow Foam couldn’t be easier, the fan adjustment on both of our lances allow for very accurate spraying and even more adjustment to your mixing ratio. However, the build quality of the generic lance meant we had product leaking out from areas we didn’t even no possible. The Autobrite Direct Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance excelled in this area, the build quality and claim of being ‘heavy duty’ really became obvious. The Autobrite lance felt so much more robust and we have no doubt it will continue to impress us for years to come.

After the Magifoam began to run this is how it sat on our Soft99 Fusso Coat protected Audi A1.

Autobrite after 15 minutes


In conclusion, there are many different options available when purchasing a snow foam lance but having tested two generic lances alongside the Autobrite Direct Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance, neither of our generic brethren could quite compete. The build quality of the Autobrite offering was in a class of its own, definitely worthy of the ‘heavy duty’ label the manufacturer puts on it and definitely capable of defending it’s position as UK Car Scene product of choice: Snow Foam Lance.


Well done Autobrite!


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