Autosport International: Our Top 5 Cars

This last weekend we headed to the NEC in Birmingham for the annual Autosport International Show. As always, there was plenty on show from motorsport, performance and tuner brands wanting to display their latest creations.

On our quick whistle-stop tour we managed to pick our our five favourite cars from the show.

5. New Fiesta ST

new 2018 fiesta st

Number 5 on our list is, controversially, the new Fiesta ST. Now there’s a lot of people disliking the new Fiesta ST but from the moment we saw renders and press images we liked it. For us, the ST shows a breathe of fresh air, a completely redesigned exterior and an interior that looks modern. Sure it’s engine may only be a 1.5 litre turbo but putting out nearly 200bhp it’ll definitely surprise a few people on the streets.

4. JaguarĀ I-Pace eTrophy

Jaguar’s latest electric vehicle, the i-Pace trophy was displayed at the show, it looks seriously cool. For those who don’t know, Jaguar are launching a racing series with the i-Pace with races taking place across 10 cities. It’s definitely get our attention, and maybe the electric future could be pretty cool if more cars are like this?



3. Nero Design Aventador S

Nero Design, which is a collaboration between celebrity car wrapper Yiannimize and Urban Automotive launched their brand new kits for the Aventador S and Huracan models at this years show. The kit includes bumbers, skirts, spoilers and wheels and the team behind it have done an amazing job with it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some Lamborghini’s with the kit at events throughout the year!



2. Liberty Walk R8

In at number two is the Liberty Walk Audi R8. As a fan of the R8 in it’s natural form, the added Liberty Walk kit has wowed us even further. If money was no object, I think a Liberty Walk kitted car would definitely have a place in our garage. Definitely a work of art by Ted Motorsport, Down & Out Customs and Liberty Walk.



1. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

And finally, our favourite car of the day. It could only be the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Our choice doesn’t really need any justification, but from every angle this car is complete perfection. Porsche have done something very special here and stepped the game up yet again. You can be sure this will kill a lot of cars around a track too, if anyone has the balls to take it on track that is.




So there is our top five cars from the show. If you’d like to see more of what was at the show, be sure to head over to our Facebook page and check out the full album.

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