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Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular over the last few years and is still increasing in popularity within the detailing and car community. So when BecauseRacecarBox got in touch with us to see if we fancied one we couldn’t say no!

BecauseRacearBox provide monthly detailing boxes giving you a chance to try out new detailing products every month – really handy if you get bored of using the same products and like to try different brands. They offer one-off packages for £19.99 or you can subscribe to monthly boxes for £16.99. You can also pay for a 6 month subsciption for £92.99 giving you 23% off each box.

Before arrival we were slightly skeptical of the products we’d receive, especially after being a little disappointed with the products from previous subscription boxes we’d tried. However, there was no need to worry.

Our box contained:

  • Dodo Juice Future Armour
  • Mint Shampoo
  • Auto Elixr Interior Detailer
  • Air Freshener
  • Micofibre Cloth
  • Microfibre Sponge Pad
  • Latex Gloves
  • Stickers


The products themselves are a really good size and not just 30ml samples like many subscription boxes and are enough for a good few washes of your car. Not only that but products like Future Armour have already proved themselves to be brilliant products and have great reviews online.

We also tried out the Auto Elixr interior detailer and we can confirm it does a great job, it also smells really fresh too, definitely something we’ll be keeping in our detailing bag.

Overall, we are really impressed with the subscription box and would definitely recommend it to those looking to discover new cleaning products. The box itself is very well packaged and products aren’t left to roll around in the box and end up breaking or leaking, which is definitely a plus when you’re paying £19.99! For more information about the box check out the BecauseRacecarBox website or check out many of the un-boxing videos on YouTube! Hopefully they’ll send us some more in the coming months!

Disclaimer: We were provided the box for free, however our thoughts are 100% our own and the review was treated as if we paid for the products ourselves.

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