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Following on from our first installment of ‘Getting to Know’ with Jamie FYD, it’s time for our second installment. This time, we’ve got YouTuber’s resident ricer – Gaskings! So, without further adieu, let’s hand it over to Ant!

1) Before you started Gaskings, what did you did for a living? 

I ran some financial companies, then a Supercar rental company. Didn’t do too well down south must be honest but used to go to car shows a lot with the cars and started to Instagram the shows I attended. I used to be called bhsupercars.

2) When you first started out with Gaskings, what were your plans for it? Did you expect it to take off like it has?

Not at all. Our aim was for 10k in the first year, never did I think we would do 400k in our first year! Me and my best friend Ian started Gaskings together he would do the mechanics, arty farty shots and we use his gaf as a make shift studio for news videos and we just started it out as a bit of a laugh. Still have to pinch myself sometimes that it’s now at 424k as I’m writing this and people know who I am at car shows, it’s crazy to get your head around!

3) What is your most enjoyable type of video to film?

I love doing voiceovers find it so natural and basically I’m just giving a bit of my personality on on watching a clip whether people like my opinion or humour or not, seems to appeal to the masses seen as we nearly on 100mil views. Also enjoyable meeting fans at car shows and spending time with my best friend, we do car show then go have a beer, chinwag about the day and edit. Cars, beers and friends what more could you ask for.

4) So you’ve just bought your Nissan GTR – Lucille. What made you choose the GTR over anything else in that price range?

We do a lot of Jap events and supercars so needed something as a bit of a cross over for both and the R35 was perfect fit and not much else in that price range that has the looks and that much power so amazing value for money. Also it’s been a dream car of mine for a while.gaskings

5) You’ve already got a Knightracer bonnet for the GTR, have you got any other mods for it in the pipeline?

There’s so much you can do it seems to be the opposite instead of what can you do it’s where do you stop. Ideally keeping with the ricer themed channel, a ricer wing! Future would love a Pandem kit for it, 650R tune, set of new shoes and a wrap. All will be revealed in time. Stay tuned.

6) What is your dream garage for a weekend toy, a daily, and a grand tourer?

Always had a soft spot for Aventador SV’s and Bac Monos. Yet to drive either so that’s on the bucket list. Win the lottery this weekend I’ll be buying both and probably a P1 and a F40.

7) With the popularity of your ricer videos, are you going to buy your own ricer car for a fun YouTube project build?

Yeah, me and Ian have toyed with the idea for a while and it will definitely be a series. Hopefully we can get a company to sponsor us like eBay and do a full blown rice my ride pimp my ride spin off. We are talking triple decker wings, 2 air scoops, extreme Camber, wooden body kits. The lot!

8) Do you think there was a single video that lead to your channel blowing up? If so, which video was it?

The ricer series defo kicked off the channel combined with mustang vids and ‘bad reputation’ vids. Think people love to hate them or love them till I mention the brand of car they have.

9) I’m sure many of your followers have made their own YouTube channel, what advice have you got for them to make it successful?

Learn to take the heat, your not going to be able to please everyone all the time and it’s easy to focus on the negative comments. You must enjoy what your doing or it does become a chore and people get frustrated with not blowing up overnight or thinking their video is golden and it doesn’t do well. I look back at my earlier car spotting videos. Some of which are still on 300+ views, that’s hundreds not thousands and at the time thought I was the don on camera, looking back now I look like an idiot so it’s also learning to critique yourself, learn and grow with each video you create. Sharing is a big one as well, wherever you can dump the link to your video, don’t be shy, do it, give yourself that advantage over someone else who has just put a video up, bigger reach, bigger audience and get your video found.

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So, there we have it, your little insight into the life of Gaskings! If you’re not already, make sure you keep up to date with the Gaskings channels below:


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