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So, we’re bringing a new series to our blog. It’s called ‘Getting to Know’ and the aim is to do a quick Q&A session with all the automotive brands / people we follow, subscribe to or just want to get to know a little more and find out what they love about the car scene and why they do what they do. To kick off this series we’re starting off with one of our favourite YouTubers, Jamie FYD.

So, lets get started and find out a bit about Jamie!

My name is Jamie and I run a YouTube channel called Jamie FYD, I also own a clothing company called FYD Apparel. I review and feature modified cars and cover car events for the channel as well as running FYD Apparel as a limited run clothing brand.

When did you first realise you had an interest in cars?

I used to be bought toy cars as a child and always had a fascination with them. Growing up and finding out about the modified car scene i was hooked!

What made you want to start your YouTube channel?

I loved the idea of featuring the more every day cars that people could actually afford and brining to light how good they could be for the money.

What has been your favourite car you have reviewed on your YouTube channel?

I think anything RWD with some sort of supercharger/turbo or a cheeky bit of Vtec and a good B road is always going to be my favourite, but i don’t have a favourite car i just had my favourite experiences in various cars.

The favourite car you’ve owned so far?

Has to be my 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville, easily my dream car as a kid so when i was able to i had to buy one!


What do you think your greatest achievement is so far?

Really its showing these fantastic, affordable cars to people that in itself is a massive achievement to me

You’ve just opened your FYD Headquarters, did you always plan to open a store this soon?

If I’m honest not at all! I never thought i would be able to create something from a idea in my head.

What else do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

Keep on making this a reality for myself and everyone that supports me, further growing the channel and the clothing

What is your perfect two car garage?

Lexus LFA, white with red leather and gloss grey wheels and a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, Black with red leather, hydraulics and black dayton wheels – as you can tell i do think about this question a lot ha!

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So there we have it, we all know a little more about Jamie! If you haven’t seen Jamie’s videos on YouTube yet then we highly recommend you go subscribe to him by clicking here. You can also check out his awesome clothing line over on his website


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