London Classic Car Show 2017

So this weekend saw me at the London Classic Car Show. With it being the first classic car show I had no idea what to expect and what the general vibe would be, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The day started at 6:30am, with a quick drive over to Rugby to catch the train down to London Euston, then 3 tube journeys to the Excel London where the event was being held. Luckily I was there about an hour early, so there was no queue to get in. It was pretty strange having to queue to get a ticket, usually we’ve got media passes! With us having a normal ticket and no media passes we hoped that the masses of people wouldn’t arrive until late morning or lunch time so we could get some decent content, luckily that is exactly what happened!


There was a huge amount of machinery on show and something for everyone, both new and old, from the iconic Ferrari F40 to the Holy Trinity. I was surprised at the amount of non-classic cars there was on show, but that’s absolutely no bother for me.

Another unique and brilliant feature of the show was the Avenue, where cars would showcase up and down throughout the day, some even managed to sneak a little drift at the top, hearing them inside an indoor venue was nothing short of spectacular! And as if I didn’t like them enough, my obsession with whale tails has grown even more!

carrera rsOverall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it’s definitely one I shall be attending next year, I’d recommend you do the same. Even if you’re not a fan of classic cars there is more than enough modern supercars and hypercars to make it a great day out, and hey, you may even start to appreciate the classics a little more.

You can find our full album from the show over on our Facebook page here, and you can see our vlog of the day below or on our YouTube channel.

Bradley Longman

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