The best alternatives to the Gumball 3000

It’s getting to that time of the year again when the car show seasons begins to wind down for another year, holidays are over and it’s the long slog till Christmas. We’re already planning what we’ll be getting up to next year and we’ve still feeling the need to scratch that European road trip itch.

Now like most people, we believe the pinnacle of road trips comes in the form of the Gumball 3000, which in it’s 20th year will be taking on an all new route going from London to Tokyo, which we’re uber jealous of. We’d love to sign up to that, but we don’t have £35,000 to enter… But it’s got us thinking, what other rallies can we take part in for a fraction of the cost? So here’s our top suggestions!

Rico Rally

We first heard of the Rico Rally about 3 or 4 years ago, it was still a relatively small business then, organising week long road trips across Europe, and whilst they’re still doing that today with their two annual road trips in June and September, they seem to have attracted a whole host of car enthusiasts of all ages, something which is a little bit rare to see these days. Visit their website to find out a little more about them or watch this video that the guys at ILoveBass put together from last years rally. The Rico Rally generally costs between £1000-£1500 per person which is considerably cheaper than Gumball!

The Gentleman’s Jolly

The Gentleman’s Jolly is relatively new to us, but our first impressions are good. With a few road trips each year, including the NC500 and organised rallies to Frankfurt Motor Show and Geneva Motor Show you can have a great road trip with your pals and when you’re finished, take a look around some of the largest car shows in the year and see some of the greatest concepts and new cars unveiled. You can check out their website here and see their routes for 2018. You can also see this vlog from Supercar Stalker of their trip.

Modball Rally

The Modball Rally needs no introduction. It’s been around for a fair few years now and is now on a similar scale to the Gumball in terms of crazy cars and parties. With rallies now in Europe, the USA and Australia you can take part from pretty much anywhere in the world. The Europe rally will host some 180 cars on their 2018 rally which goes from London to Venice. Entry is from £2995 per person so it’s quite expensive, but it’s probably as close as you’ll get to the Gumball unless you bank some serious cash in the next few years! Check out their website here or check the video from Skyze below.



If the options above are still a bit out your range, then why not give yourself a proper challenge and sign up for Rust2Rome. In a banger of a car worth up to £500 and entry from well under £1000 you could enter the rally and buy your car for about £1300! Rust2Rome run multiple rallies to some rather scenic places so we’d recommend taking a look at their website!

Which would you choose?

So, there’s four totally different and unique rallies to turn your attention to next year. That’s not all either, there are a ton of other organised rallies popping up every year all with something different to offer and one things for sure, it’ll always be an experience to remember!

Have you already taken part in a rally? If so let us know in the comments and what you thought about it. Also if there’s one we’ve missed off you believe needs a mention then let us know!

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