Watch: New Need for Speed Payback Trailer

Yesterday Need for Speed dropped a brand new trailer for the latest game, Payback. Title ‘Welcome to Fortune Valley’ the trailer gives gamers an idea of the world they’ll be playing in as well as highlighting some of the features in the game, plus a host of cars that’ll feature in the game.

From the trailer you will see a wide variety of areas and terrains including the desert and big cities, meaning that players will now be able to explore off road areas instead of being limited to the road.

It also highlights the crews in the game including drifters, drag racing, off-roaders and much more. Take a look at the trailer below.

So what do you think? It looks great, and hopefully it’ll be a much better game than the 2015 release (and hopefully it’ll take longer than 2 days to complete!).

It’s due for release November 10th 2017 so you can probably expect another trailer and maybe some more gameplay before deciding to buy.

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