What do you love about your car?

To celebrate the launch of the tenth generation Honda Civic, Vertu Honda has written up a helpful handbook to show off all of the latest vehicle’s cool new features. We’ve teamed up with them to think about what we love about our own cars.

Now I’m sure like most of you, picking one thing I love most about my car is just about impossible! For those that want to know, I drive a 2009 Ford Focus ST and after two and a half years ownership I am still not bored of the way it drives. Sure, it’s absolutely diabolical on fuel and the splitter hits every bump in the road, meaning I’m banished from going above ground level in a car park and I have to take the long way home to avoid the speed bumps, but in a way, that’s why I love it! Once you’ve got that first scrape on your splitter (it literally took me about 3 hours), the rest don’t bother you that much! 

But anyway, splitter reminiscing over, there is plenty to love about my car, so we’ll start off with the most standout feature, which is the colour. car

My ST is ‘Electric White’ which was Ford’s pearlescent White colour which was an option on Facelift models for a year or two, and if you’re like me, until I bought mine i very rarely saw this colour. In those rare summer days in the UK it absolutely glistens, on overcast days it can range from a primer grey colour to lilac, people are constantly coming up to me to see if it’s actually a Ford factory colour, which makes me feel kinda special!

car2The second thing I love about my ST has to be the noise. I’m sure most people have heard the 5 pot rumble of the Mk2 Focus ST & RS, it’s a pretty distinctive sound, it’s probably why my car gets about 20mpg most of the time.

Even standard it sounds amazing, but chuck on an aftermarket turbo back exhaust system and it’s absolute sound porn. And what’s more, is you can annoy everyone by popping and banging it every time you change gear.

To be honest. I could bang on all day about what I love about my car, whether it be how it looks after a clean, how it sounds in a tunnel or how amazing it makes me feel seeing kids having their photo next to it at a car show (that actually happened once, proud moment!) or how you love it so much you scrape by each month because you refuse to sell it, but it just proves your bought yourself the perfect car.

So, with me done, we want to hear what you love about your car. Head over to our Facebook page and get involved in the discussion, in the mean time, I’m gonna go out for a boost!

Bradley Longman

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