What movie car would you rent for a day?

As you’ll see in our previous post, the guys over at Vertu asked us to write about what we love about our car. So, when they recently posted out about the most iconic 1980’s Film Cars it got us thinking – If we could rent a single car from a movie for a day, what would we choose?

There’s no shortage of awesome movie cars, whether its Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds or one of Brian’s Skylines from Fast & Furious or even Steve McQueen’s Mustang from Bullitt. Now for us, we love modified cars, so obviously we have to choose something from Fast & Furious, but it’s just a case of what?! Even if some of the cars from the first films may come across as a bit ‘rice’ nowadays, there’s no denying that given the chance, we’d all take them for a spin and pretend to be in the film.

But for me, being an admirer of all things Jap, the most iconic cars from the Fast & Furious franchise are probably from Tokyo Drift, and there’s two that we love more than any others. They are the Mona Lisa and the Vielside RX7, both owned by Han. 


Now sure, you’re probably thinking why on earth, out of all the famous cars I’d pick two Japanese sports cars from the 90’s / 00’s. Well, like most of our readers, I was about 13 years old when Tokyo Drift came out and these cars were just spectacular. It was also a time where Max Power was still a thing and suicide doors and massive fibreglass body kits were still the ‘in’ thing.

It also started off my obsession with Nissan Silvia’s. Being 13, I had no idea what the car was but it was awesome, and so I spent much of my time searching on Forza for Fast & Furious liveries to go on my race cars. To this day, a nice clean S15 is still my ‘achievable dream car’. I could probably pick one up now if I sold my car, but I don’t think I am mechanically minded enough to keep it going, you know, SR life and all that…

If the keys to both of them were sat on a table and I could only pick one, I don’t know what I’d go for (providing the S15 wasn’t in the state Sean left it in after his first race against DK), I think I’d be over the moon to spend a day with either of them.

So there we have it, out of every car in any film, the ones I would rent for a day would be a Nissan and a Mazda, it’s weird how my mind works, huh?

What would you choose? Let us know over on our Facebook page or in the comments below, I want to see if anyone has any more random choices than me!



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